executive leadership cupertino electric construction

Managing with Integrity & Purpose

CEI's diverse management team is made up of construction industry veterans and business leaders who bring operational excellence, strategic insight and innovative thinking to their key roles.

Executive Management

Tom Schott

President & CEO

Brett Boncher

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Financial Officer Bill Slakey

William Slakey

Chief Financial Officer

Talin Andonians, Chief People Officer

Talin Andonians

Chief People Officer

What we do overview

Debra Olson

Chief Legal Officer

Bruce Baxter

Sr. VP of Operations

Senior Vice President of Operations Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald

Sr. VP of Operations

Adam Spillane

Sr. VP of Operations

Rob Thome

Sr. VP of Operations

Divisional Leadership

Kevin Young

VP of Operations, Modular

Jason Medaris

VP of Operations, Southern California

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