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Innovation at Work

Great Ideas Start with Great People

We hate complacency. That’s why we constantly conduct research, develop ideas and pilot methods to speed up installation times, improve quality and increase safety. Our expert employees—and their focus on testing and sharing ideas—drive how projects are built better at CEI.

Standardization = Better Results

Drawing on 65+ years of electrical construction experience, we created a “Standardization Lab” to find and test the best installation methods on any project. By analyzing quality, safety, efficiency and ease of use, the Lab generates data to build projects better and faster.

This united purchasing, production, pre-fabrication and safety effort eliminates guesswork and drives cost and time savings for customers—especially on cost-plus projects with OCIP policies. We work with manufacturers and vendors to create custom assemblies with standard work instructions (SWIs) that are ordered as complete kits to eliminate lines of entry and excess purchase orders. 

Our teams are always thinking of new ways to solve project challenges. That's why our standardized methods aren’t just trade secrets, they’re proven game-changers. 

Innovation Standardization Lab
Prefabricated modular facility for data center solutions

Pre-Fabricated Modular Solutions

Along with traditional, stick-built data center offerings, CEI manufactures custom-designed, configurable data center solutions to meet dramatic growth demands at much lower risk. Our innovative solutions allow customers to:

  • Compete more effectively
  • Scale quickly to meet demand
  • Remove excess risk with a stable labor pool building manufactured components in a weather-proofed facility
  • Pre-test all factory-built components for quality

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Test-Driving Products
So you don't have to

High-quality installations come from expert field employees who work with proven products that live up to expectations. That's why we've developed a Solar Technology Lab to monitor and document solar performance and optimization technologies in a real-world setting. The technologies we examine are not only evaluated for performance, but also on ease and safety of installation. This technology-agnostic approach allows us to deliver the best solution for customers based on data—not the latest industry trend. 

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